Hotel Check

HOTQUA Quality Hotel Check (GB)

Here you can rate your (last) hotel stay. There is no claim to completeness of the questions. Your information is voluntary. The use of the results is the sole responsibility of the user. Liability is excluded.

How would you rate the first contact you had or still have with the hotel? (Very good = 10 points)

Was the reservation professional? Did the reservation department think about all the details? Were you well advised, courteously and correctly treated? (Yes, very good = 10 points)

Did you get the directions right? Is the hotel well signposted? Parking facilities? Facade and entrance? Welcome? Luggage? (yes = 10 points)

Were you warmly welcomed? Were you helped with the formalities? (yes = 10)

How do you find or found your room? Cleanliness, bed/beds and bedding, size, furniture, colours, decoration, lighting conditions, safety, soundproofing? (Everything OK = 10)

How do you rate your guest bathroom? Safety, cleanliness, size, ventilation, towels, accessories, shower cabin, WC, mirror, bathtub etc.? (OK = 10 points)

How do you rate the public spaces (lobby, breakfast room) ambience, location, facilities, lighting, decoration, etc.? (Very good = 10 points)

How do you rate the services of our hotel? (Very good = 10)

How do you rate the hotel staff? Are they or were they polite, open and courteous? Are they or have they been service-minded, competent and with an impeccable outfit? (yes always = 10)

How do you rate the price-performance ratio: adequate, justified, customary in the market? (yes = 10)

Please rate all questions!