Housekeeping Room Check (GB)

Housekeeping Room Check (GB)

With this form you can check and measure the tidiness and cleanliness in a guest room. There is no claim to completeness. The information you provide is voluntary. The use of the results is the sole responsibility of the user.

1st entrance area: door, door frame, door lock, DND, escape plan, cloakroom (10 points if everything is perfectly clean)

2nd furniture: (writing) table, chair, armchair, suitcase boy, mirror (all clean = 10)

3. wardrobe: hangers, trouser hangers, drawers, safe, laundry bag, laundry price list, shoehorn (all true = 10)

4. bed, beds: Bed frame/box spring frame, bed base, headboard, (spring) mattresses, mattress protectors, bed linen, pillows, duvet, bedspread, decorative pillows, bed runner, bed rug (all apply = 10)

5. window area: window frame, window, window sill (yes = 10)

6. curtains: curtains, blinds, blackout, curtains, curtain rods (are present and in very good condition = 10)

7. electrics: lighting, skylight, floor lamps, bed lamps, desk lamp, sockets, light switch, room card socket, air-conditioning switch, TV, telephone, coffee machine, water heater, test seal (everything is in good order = 10)

8. hotel folder: hotel information from A-Z, telephone numbers, tourist info, TV info (everything present and in very good condition = 10)

9. flooring: carpet, floorboards, parquet, laminate, skirting boards, carpet skirting, under the bed, corners (clean and intact = 10)

10- Hotel room as a whole: walls immaculate, harmonious positioning of furniture and empty spaces, odourless, soothing colours (yes = 10)

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