occupational safety check (GB)

occupational safety check (GB)

This checklist helps us to analyse occupational safety and to improve occupational health and safety. The list is not exhaustive. It helps us to gain initial insights into occupational safety. Good luck

1. work clothes and protective equipment: goggles, gloves, work shoes, apron, safety helmet, etc. (score = 10 points)

2. training and instruction: annual instruction and training on occupational safety and health (applicable = 10 points)

3. first-aid kits: 1 first-aid kit for up to 20 employees, 2 first-aid kits or 1 large first-aid kit for up to 100 employees (applicable = 10 points)

4. first aiders: one first aiders for up to 20 employees, two first aiders for 21 employees or more; (applicable = 10 points)

5. list of hazardous substances: Hazardous substances list and master sheets (applicable = 10 points)

6. escape plans: rescue plan and illuminated emergency exits (applicable = 10 points)

7. fire extinguishers: fire doors and tested fire extinguishers in marked locations (true = 10 points)

8. electrical equipment: electrical mobile equipment tested according to BGV A4? (applies = 10 points)

9. wall shelves and ladders: secured shelves and inspected ladders? (applicable = 10 points)

10. safety locks & freezer cells: Freezer storage equipped with emergency release or emergency call (restaurant)? Offices with security lock, windows with security? (true = 10 points)

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