​​​​​​​Implementation of Sustainable Quality Standards

Introduction of the TÜV-certified sustainable quality standards of HOTQUA® into Arte Luise Kunsthotel in Berlin Mitte.

Implementation/Introduction Process:

  • Project discussions with the hotel management
  • Implementation workshop with the executives
  • Introduction of the pre-certified sustainable quality standards for the management, quality officers, personnel management, office and administration, marketing and sales, reception and reservation, housekeeping and technology, breakfast and events.
  • Document verification and on-site inspection of sustainable quality standards
  • Audit report, corrections and improvements as well as issuance of the HOTQUA® certificate
  • Implementation and certification time: approx. 1.5-2 months



Motivation and self management

In-house training on motivation and self-management

In the world of work and also in the private sector, there are skills that make life easier. So it is easier if you start the day fully motivated and well organized.

Motivation isn't everything, and neither is self-management. But the combination of these two skills leads us to unexpected successes, both in our private and professional lives.

As already indicated, this workshop has two goals. On the one hand, we receive information about motivation, self-motivation and motivational environments. On the other hand, we talk about self-management and its techniques that help us to organize and optimize our time.

The ultimate goal is to teach motivation techniques and instructions for self-management that lead us, our colleagues and employees to success.

 Participant satisfaction: 100%


Quality management in medical practices

Quality management in medical practices

  • In-house training in the group practice of Dr. Thomas Damm and
  • Grit Damm on the topics of quality management and patient care.
  • Preparation for the internal audit according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and execution of the audit,
  • Congratulations on passing the audit
  • Satisfaction of the training participants: 97%
  • Photo: Physician assistants of the group practice

Good manners

In-house workshop DEHOGA on the subject of
style and etiquette at the Hotel Bristol am Kudamm in Berlin

Contents of the training:

  • Good manners: What is contemporary?
  • Greeting and salutation: Exercise
  • Appearance and attitude: Exercise
  • Etiquette and rules of communication
  • Style and etiquette in the hotel and restaurant

Participant satisfaction level: 93%


Guest-oriented telephony

In-house workshop at the Hotel Stadt Löbau 

Proper telephony / guest-oriented telephony

  • Language exercise / rhetoric
  • Communication
  • Incoming calls / inbound telephony
  • Outbound calls / outbound telephony
  • Exercises on how to make phone calls correctly
  • Evaluation and measurement of participant satisfaction (91%)

Guest complaints in the hotel

In-house workshop at the Hotel Stadt Löbau on the topic

Guest complaints in the hotel:

  • Guest expectations in case of complaints and reclamations
  • Formula for success: elements that lead to success
  • Justified and unjustified complaints
  • Stages of guest complaints
  • Reklamationsvermeidungsinstrumente
  • Analysis of complaints / complainants
  • Evaluation and measurement of satisfaction (92%)
  • Appropriate specialist literature on the topic

Internal Audit ISO 9001

Internal audit and preparation for the surveillance audit at the brewery in Spandau:

Document verification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and review of value-added processes:

  • Beer brewing
  • Restaurant 
  • Kitchen
  • Hotel 
  • Events

Photo: Master Brewer Michael Metscher

Internal audit according to ISO 9001:2015

Review and optimization of the

  • Quality Manual 
  • Procedures and processes
  • Documents and
  • Checklists, forms and templates
  • Audit report and management review

Photo: Hermann Kohlhof GmbH Hamburg

Sustainable Quality Standards for medium-sized hotels

Online meeting on Friday, 17.03.2023, from 14:00-15:30

How do I implement sustainable quality standards to optimize workflows and personnel deployment, increase guest satisfaction and strengthen employee loyalty?

The target group of our compact and eloquent online meeting were decision-makers of medium-sized hotels, owners, managing directors, department heads who are interested in the topic of sustainability, quality management and quality standards.

The TÜV-tested and field-tested quality standards for hotel management, accommodation and catering were presented.

The online event ran through TEAMS and lasted 90 minutes.

Related literature:

We are TÜV-tested and certified for SUSTAINABILITY.

  • This includes quality management according to ISO 9001,
  • Environmental management according to ISO 14001 and
  • CSR / social responsibility according to ISO 26,000

More information about quality management can be found here: HOTQUA.

Here you can find information about workshops and training: German Hotel Institute


Diversity and international guests

In-house workshop on the following topics:

Diversity and international guests

Contents of the training:

  • International guests
  • Do we need diversity?
  • How does diversity work?
  • Dimensions of diversity
  • Recommendations and online measurement
  • Satisfaction level of the training participants: 94%


Inhouse Workshop Quality Service


centrovital Wellness Hotel Berlin Spandau

In-house workshop Service Quality Restaurant

Contents of the training:

  • What does the centrovital guest expect from us?
  • When is the centrovital restaurant guest satisfied?
  • Trends in international/regional gastronomy
  • Service quality from the point of view of the restaurant guest
  • Restaurant checklist with over 100 quality criteria
  • Recommendations and online satisfaction measurement
  • Satisfaction of participants: 94%

Diversity & Interational Guests


Training at the Hotel centrovital from Berlin Spandau
on the topic of diversity and international guests

Contents of the training:

  • International guests
  • Do we need diversity?
  • How does diversity work?
  • Dimensions of diversity
  • Recommendations and online measurement
  • satisfaction of participants: 92%
  • Practical online tests

Inhouse Workshop Teamwork

In-house training at the Hotel centrovital Berlin Spandau
on the topic of teamwork & team management

Contents of the training:

  • Team & Teamwork
  • Teammanagement
  • Team management in the hotel industry
  • Team conflicts and de-escalation
  • Recommendations and online measurement
  • Practical online tests

Successful communication with the guest

In-house workshop at Hotel centrovital
on the subject of communication

Contents of the training:

  • Successful communication with the guest
  • Communication rules and guest types
  •  Correct phone calls & communication
  • Sovereign appearance & communication
  • Recommendations & online measurement

Service Quality

In-house training at the centrovital Hotel & Spa in Spandau

Topic service quality hotel and restaurant

Contents of the training:

  • Hotel and restaurant trends
  • Quality elements in the hotel and restaurant
  • Quality of service from the guest's point of view
  • Service quality from the point of view of the restaurant guest
  •  Recommendations and online satisfaction measurement
  • Satisfaction level of participants: 96%

Quality Management

In-house training at R &R Service Sicherheitsdienst GmbH
on the subject of quality managers according to
DIN EN ISO 9001 with official examination:

Contents of the training:

  1. DIN-EN-ISO 9001 & 19011
  2. General Process Management /GPM
  3. Quality indicators & promotion
  4. Total Quality Management / EFQM
  5. Exam Preparation & Exam

Congratulations on passing the exam

Induction Workshop

In-house introductory workshop for new employees

Hotel Stadt Löbau in Löbau / Saxony

  • Quality standards for the hotel management:
  • Management, Quality Officer, Human Resources Management,
  • Office and administration, marketing and sales
  • Quality standards for accommodation:
  • Reception and reservation
  • Housekeeping and Technology
  • Quality standards for catering:
  • Kitchen and catering
  • Breakfast and restaurant
  • Banquets and Events
  • Zufriedenheitsgrad: 97%


Quality and environmental management

Audit workshop on the topic

Quality and environmental management

In-house training Capital Glanz

  • Introduction to Quality Management and Environmental Management
  • Documentation of the company Hauptstadt Glanz GmbH Berlin
  • Preparation for the internal audit
  • Preparing for the surveillance audit
  • Outlook & Questions




Guest complaints

DEHOGA Workshop on the topic

Guest complaints

  • Guest expectations in case of complaints
  • Justified & Unjustified Complaints
  • Conduct complaint discussions
  • Reklamationsvermeidung
  • Guest types and closing remarks
  • Satisfaction level of participants: 96%


Workshop Quality Management ISO 9001

Workshop on the topic

Quality management according to ISO 9001

Conference office: Hotel Villa Kastania Berlin

The following topics were discussed:

  • Repetition Quality Representative
  • Business Process Management
  • Quality indicators and quality promotion
  • Total Quality Management
  • Exam preparation and exam


Summary HOTQUA Training & Education 2022

  1. In 2022 we conducted a total of 37 workshops (+20%) with 403 participants (+22%) from 87 companies  
  2. 80% of the courses were in-house online training (-10%) and 20% face-to-face courses (-10%).
  3. The most popular seminar topics were: 40% Sustainable quality standards and quality management; 10% each hygiene management (HACCP), guest complaints, etiquette and time management as well as other topics; Data protection, housekeeping, marketing, motivation and personnel management.
  4. The most popular workshop eras were the 4th quarter and the 2nd quarter (both 30%)
  5. The face-to-face events took place in Berlin, Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia.
  6. Most of the online participants came from Germany and South America.
  7. Languages: German, English and Spanish
  8. Publication of 6 reference books in 5 languages: German, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.
  9. Most popular topics of the manuals: Sustainable quality standards, hygiene management and housekeeping.
  10. The average level of satisfaction of our participants is 95% and we are very pleased and proud of that.
  1. Der durchschnittliche Zufriedenheitsgrad unserer Teilnehmenden beträgt 95% und dafür sind wir sehr erfreut und stolz.