Internal Audit ISO 9001

Internal audit at the hotel and brewery in Spandau

The following areas were reviewed and prepared for the second surveillance audit:

  • Quality Management Manual
  • Documented information Management
  • Documented information
  • Quality Representative
  • Documented Information Beer Brewing
  • Documented information
  • Restaurant / service area
  • Documented information Kitchen area
  • Documented Information Banquet & Events
  • Documented information about the hotel area
  • Documented Information House Cleaning
  • Documented Information Management

Housekeeping and house cleaning

Online workshop on housekeeping and house cleaning/quality in the housekeeping sector

Contents of the online training:

  • Quality of service in housekeeping
  • Work Instructions for the Housekeeping Department
  • Field-proven checklists for the housekeeping department
  • Job Descriptions & Recommendations
  • Satisfaction level: 100%

Foto: Lucia Sandoval, Suites Terraza Imperial, Guatemala Stadt

"I really appreciated the introductory course. It has helped me understand the procedures and get new ideas that I can apply in my housekeeping department and the waitress team at my hotel. I would like to continue learning with you as your knowledge in the industry is very professional. Thank you for the opportunity."

Referral Marketing and -Management

In-house training at the congress and wellness hotel centrovital in Berlin Spandau

on the topic of Referral Marketing and -Management

Contents of the training:

  • What is referral management?
  • Is referral management important?
  • The Referral Management Network
  • The tools of recommendation management
  • Exercises and Referral Management Tasks
  • Satisfaction level: over 90%

Guest complaints and claims

In-house training at the congress and wellness hotel centrovital in Berlin Spandau

on the subject of guest complaints and claims

Contents of the training:

  • When is our guest satisfied / quality elements
  • Guest expectations in the event of complaints / claims
  • How do guest complaints and claims arise?
  • Conduct professional complaint discussions
  • Guest Types and Complaint Role-Plays
  • Satisfaction level: over 80%

Successful Communication and Correct Telephoning

In-house training at the congress and wellness hotel centrovital in Berlin Spandau

on the topic of Successful Communication and Correct Telephoning

Contents of the communication training:

  • Introduction: How do we get information and what is left?
  • Success factors of communication
  • Persuasive communication : Positive words and phrases, speaking and questioning techniques
  • Communication Rules and Customer Types: Welcome Rules, Customer Salutation, Individual Customer Type Treatment
  • The right way to make phone calls: Golden telephone rules, telephone questionnaire, customer-oriented telephone rhetoric
  • Conclusion and recommendations
  • Satisfaction level: 86%

Successful Communication

Online Workshop on the topic of successful communication

Contents of the online workshop (admission 10 days)

  • Successful communication with the guest
  • Communication Rules and Guest Types
  • Guest-oriented telephony and communication
  • Tried and tested exercises
  • Recommendations
  • Satisfaction level over 90%

Internal Audit DIN EN ISO 9001

Internal Audit DIN EN ISO 9001 of the company Hermann Kohlhof GmbH in Hamburg 

"We develop customer-specific solutions for you in the areas of logistics, packaging and surface protection for the aviation industry."

The following were tested:

  • The Quality Management Manual
  • The procedures and value-added processes
  • Documents, checklists, forms and lists

Congratulations on passing the internal audit according to DIN-EN-ISO-9001

Further training to become a quality manager

In-house training as a quality manager at the brewery in Spandau

This week, a training course for specialists and managers took place at the brewery in Spandau.

Contents of the training:

DIN-EN-ISO 9001 & 19011

Business Process Management/GPM

Quality Indicators & Promotion

Total Quality Management / EFQM

Exam preparation & exam according to ISO 9001

Satisfaction rate of training participants: 98.5%

The training coach for the successful training measure was Frank Höchsmann, graduate in business administration and quality auditor according to ISO 9001.

The next QM training course will take place in March 2024.

You can register for the next course here!

Guests complaints

DEHOGA (German Hotel and Restaurant Association) Workshop on guest complaints and complaints

Contents of the training:

  • When is our guest satisfied / quality elements
  • Guest expectations in the event of complaints and claims
  • How do guest complaints and claims arise?
  • Conduct professional complaint discussions
  • Guest Types and Complaint Role-Plays
  • Participant satisfaction rate: 92.4%
  • Lecturer: Frank Höchsmann, trainer and consultant of the company HOTQUA and German Hotel Institute.
  • Photo: Participants of the workshop Guest Complaints and Claims


Guest-oriented telephony

DEHOGA (German Hotel and Restaurant Association) Berlin In House Seminar at the Hotel Bristol Kempinski on the topic of guest-oriented telephony. The training took place on 05.01.2024 and 08.01.2024. The trainer was Frank Höchsmann, managing owner of the company HOTQUA Berlin.

Contents of the practice-proven training:

  • Speaking Exercise & Telephone Rules

  • Phone - Rhetorik & Etiquette

  • Telephone - Conversation Techniques

  • Data Protection & Problem Areas

  • Telephone – Spelling Alphabet

  • Tasks and exercises

Level of satisfaction of the training participants:

  • 01/05/2024 = 97%

  • 01/08/2024 = 95%

Photo: Workshop participants on 05.01.2024


HACCP Hygiene Training

In-house hygiene training at EFC-Concepts Berlin

The following topics were discussed:

  • Hygiene requirements according to the law
  • Infection Protection Act according to §§ 42/43
  • Allergens and allergen education
  • Workflows and work instructions according to HACCP[1]
  • Checklists as a tool for HACCP verification
  • Hygiene quiz and online test

Participant satisfaction rate: 95%

Photo: Workshop participants during the HACCP training, on 03.01.2024

[1] Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points / Risiko Analyse Kritischer Kontroll-Punkte

Summary: HOTQUA Education and Training 2023

HOTQUA Training & Education 2023

2023 was a year full of progress and exciting developments for HOTQUA. It is with great pleasure that we share a summary of our activities and achievements:

Participant growth:

We conducted a whopping 50 workshops, which corresponds to a growth of 25% compared to the previous year. With almost 500 participants from over 90 companies, an increase of 20%, we expanded our network and shared knowledge.

Variety of training formats:

Our courses were offered as both face-to-face and in-house online training, which allowed us to find new ways to make knowledge accessible.

Popular seminar topics:

Sustainable quality standards and management, hygiene management, housekeeping, guest complaints, as well as personal success planning were among the favorites. In addition, we have successfully offered courses on diversity, data protection, team and human resource management.

Time preferences:

The 4th and 2nd quarters were particularly in demand for workshop participation.

Locations of face-to-face events:

Berlin, Hamburg, Hesse, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt were the hotspots for our face-to-face training.


International Online-Engagement:

Our online participants came mainly from Germany and South America and benefited from training in German, English and Spanish.

Textbook publications:

We have published reference books in 5 languages: Chinese, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. These cover topics such as sustainable quality standards, hygiene management and housekeeping.

Successes and demand:

Our training courses to become certified housekeepers and the highly sought-after hygiene concept for kitchen and service were highlights of the year. Last but not least, we have been able to keep the satisfaction rate of our participants above 93% on average, which makes us particularly proud.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in our work. We look forward to continuing to grow and share knowledge together in 2024.

Best regards, Your HOTQUA Team