Act eco-friendly

Act eco-friendly (GB)

This checklist helps us to analyse our ecological actions in some points. The list is not exhaustive. It helps us to gain initial insights into environmental management. Good luck!

1. energy saving: Save energy with motion detectors, LED lights, AAA refrigerators, etc. (Score = 10 points)

2. green plants as air improvement: large ornamental and potted plants also as room dividers (true = 10 points)

3. cleaning and disinfecting agents: use easily degradable cleaning and disinfecting agents; hot water and/or steamers are also a good alternative (true = 10 points)

4. deposit bottles and reusable packaging: Use reusable bottles and packaging, bulk containers, etc. (Applicable = 10 points)

5. solid wood furniture: use as much solid wood furniture as possible (true = 10 points)

6. buy regionally: Buy food from the region. Hire craftsmen / service providers from the local area (True = 10 points)

7. cut flowers: cut flowers from local nurseries avoid long distances! (applies = 10 points)

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9. avoidance of plastic: avoidance of plastic tableware, cutlery, cups, straws, decorations, etc. (true = 10 points)

10. save water: Saving water with rainwater, aerators, WC economy buttons, sensors, etc. (applicable = 10 points)

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