Management Check

Management Check (GB)

This checklist provides the executive director with an overview of his activities. The list does not claim to be complete. It provides impulses for further management activities. Good luck!

1. Mission statement / corporate philosophy / quality policy; Does the company have a mission statement? Corporate philosophy? Or a quality policy? (applicable = 10 points)

2. Quality objectives; Does the enterprise have short-, medium- and long-term quality objectives? (applicable = 10 points)

3. Economic objectives; short-, medium-, long-term economic objectives? (applicable = 10 points)

4. Personnel policy; Does the enterprise have a clearly defined personnel policy? (applicable = 10 points)

5. Organisation chart; Does the enterprise have an up-to-date organisation chart and is it published? (applicable = 10 points)

6. Training plan; Is there a new training plan and has the old one been implemented? (true = 10 points)

7. Job descriptions; does each employee have a job description? (true = 10 points)

8. Marketing and sales plan; is there a current marketing and sales plan? (true = 10 points)

9. Data protection; Does the enterprise have a data protection concept and have the employees been trained on the subject? (applicable = 10 points)

10. Occupational safety; is occupational safety guaranteed? Do training courses take place annually? Are instructions given and is there evidence? (true = 10 points)

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