Inhouese introduction workshop for new employees

In Houese introductory workshop for new employees at the Hotel Stadt Löbau. 

  • The in-house training measure included the following topics:
  • Quality standards for the hotel management, accommodation and catering departments
  • Information folder for the employees of the Hotel Stadt Läbau
  • Online tests: guest room and guest bathroom
  • Measuring the satisfaction of the employees and training participants (98%)
  • Photo: Employees after the creative workshop with online tests 

Cleaning and disinfection according to DIN 10516

In-house training on hygiene and disinfection according to DIN 10516

  • Contents of the training at the Agaplesion Bethanien Havelgarten in Spandau::
  • Cleaning procedures and cleaning techniques
  • Disinfection procedures and disinfection techniques
  • Handling cleaning agents and disinfectants
  • Cleaning and disinfection plans 
  • Infection protection according to IfSG §§ 42/§
  • Tasks, exercises, quiz
  • Degree of satisfaction of the participants: 98%
  • Photo: Participants of the training 

Quality management training according to DIN EN ISO 9001

QM training on the topic 

Quality management requirements according to DIN EN ISO 9001

  • Quality management documentation of Hermann Kohlhof GmbH Hamburg 
  • Preparation for the internal and external audit according to Chapter 8.22 of ISO 9001 
  • Training participant satisfaction: 89%
  • Photo: Employees of Kohlhof 



Hygiene management in the kitchen and service


  • When is the guest/resident satisfied
  • Workflows and work instructions taking into account the HACCP concept
  • Checklists according to HACCP, examples and exercises (online tests kitchen and food)
  • Level of satisfaction of training participants: 97%


Quality Management DIN EN ISO 9001

QM Workshop: Quality management training and preparation for
the surveillance audit according to DIN EN ISO 9001

Contents of the QM training 

  • Value creation processes & suggestions for improvement
  • Corrections & Quality Management Optimization 
  • Measuring employee satisfaction
  • Photo: Employees after the QM Workshop 


Online Workshop Service Quality Restaurant

Training on service quality from the point of view of the restaurant guest.

The following topics and tests were carried out:

  • Quality elements: service, ambience, offer, price management expectation
  • International and regional trends in gastronomy and community catering
  • Quality components: First contact, table reservation, guest room, guest seat, food and drink menu, food consumed, drinks ordered, guest service and service staff.
  • Restaurant-Test 
  • Participant satisfaction rate: 97% 
    Photo: Colleagues even before the pandemic, therefore no mouth and nose protection 

Quality Management DIN EN ISO 9001

Online in-house introductory course on the topic 

Quality Management according to ISO 9001 

Contents of the training 

  • What does ISO 9001 include?
  • Which documents does the QM documentation contain?
  • How can I lead my company to certification?
  • Satisfaction level of participants: 100%

Company: Shanghai Cayeer Co. Ltd 

Service Quality from the view point of the restaurant guest

Online course Service Quality Restaurant with the following content:

  • Introduction: Objectives, target group, restaurant trends, characteristics, quality elements in the restaurant 
  • Service quality restaurant: First contact, Guest room, Guest place, Mise-en-Place, Menu, Staff
  • Final consideration, questionnaires/checklists, certificate 
  • Satisfaction of the participants: 99%

Service quality from the view point of the hotel guest

Online workshop on the topic 

Service quality hotel with following content:

  • Introduction: Objectives, target group, hotel trends, characteristics, quality elements in the hotel
  • Service Quality Hotel: First contact, Reservation, Arrival, Check in/out, Guest rooms, Guest bathroom, Services, Staff
  • Final consideration, questionnaires/checklists, certificate 
  • Satisfaction of the participants: 98% 

Sustainable quality standards for hotels in Magdalena Medio, antioquia, Colombia

Training, implementation and review of sustainable quality standards in five (5) accommodation establishments in the Magdalena Medio region of Antioquia, Colombia. The following companies took part in the project:

Sustainable Quality Standards: Oriente Antioqueño

International project with the participation of Alianza Región and SEQUA,
Hannover and Medellín Chamber of Commerce and Industry, AHK-Colombia and HOTQUA

The project took place in three stages:

  • Training on Administrative and Operational Quality Standards, 
  • Coaching to adapt and implement sustainable quality standards
  • Document verification and auditing of sustainable quality standards 

Project companies in Oriente Antioqueo 

Sustainable quality standards for country pensions

Introduction and review of sustainable quality standards
for Schubert's Oderbruch country guesthouses in Brandenburg 

  • Quality standards for the management and quality representatives
  • Quality standards for the office and staff
  • Quality standards for reception and reservations 
  • Quality standards for housekeeping and technology
  • Quality standards for the kitchen and breakfast
  • Quality standards for marketing and sales 

Sustainable quality standards for hotels

INTRO Workshop for the introduction of the sustainable quality standards 

The Hotel Stadt Löbau works with the sustainable quality standards of HOTQUA.
The following quality standards were adapted and introduced/implemented in the hotel:

  • Quality standards for the hotel management & quality representatives
  • Quality standards for administration & personnel office
  • Quality standards for marketing & sales
  • Quality standards for reception & reservations
  • Quality standards for housekeeping & technology
  • Quality standards for breakfast & service 
  • Quality standards for kitchen & catering 

International Conference on Sustainable Tourism

 Alianza Región organised an International Conference on Sustainable Tourism on 18.02.2021.

  • Projects from Colombia, Brazil and Germany were presented.
  • The participants came from 17 countries and three continents.
  • HOTQUA presented the project "Quality and Sustainability in Hotels from ANTIOQUIA".
  • We thank the organisers and sponsors: Alianza Región and SEQUA,
    the IHK Hannover and Medellin, as well as the AHK Colombia for supporting this project. 
  • Here is the link to our PPS of the project Quality and Sustainability 

Quality Management for Medical Practices

Quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001 in medical practices 

  • Updating QM documentation
  • Document review and audit preparation
  • Auditing: Interview of the practice management and employees
  • Audit report: improvements and corrections 


With sustainable solutions out of the tourism crisis

Dealing with change: Transformation through crises:
Axel Biermann, Managing Director, Ruhr Tourismus GmbH

Innovation networks and sustainable tourism models:

  • From South Tyrol to Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Anna Scuttari,
  • Faculty of Tourism, Munich University of Applied Sciences

Panel discussion: 

  • Axel Biermann - Ruhr Tourismus GmbH,  
  • Prof. Dr. Scuttari - Munich University of Applied Sciences, 
  • Axel Hefer - trivago N.V., 
  • Achim Laurs - Lindner Hotels AG, 
  • Dr Andreas Hofmann - GIZ


Develop and review franchise concept

Development and review of a franchise concept for a medium-sized company in Berlin:

  • Administrative & Operational Quality Standards
  • Franchise candidates & partners 
  • Franchise Products & Offers 
  • Franchise System & Marketing 
  • Franchise Education & Training 



Hygiene management workshop & concept according to HACCP

Workshop and development of a hygiene management concept according to
HACCP for a 4-star wellness hotel with the following content: 

  • Hygiene principles > Exercise
  • Hazard analysis > Exercise
  • Work procedures & instructions > Exercise
  • Infection protection law according to §§42/43
  • Hygiene checklists & templates> Exercise
  • Recommendations & tips > Exercise
  • Final test with multiple choice questions
  • Developed hygiene concept with over 40 pages

Summary 2020

Summary HOTQUA Training & Further Education 2020:

  • In 2020, we held a total of 20 workshops with almost 200 participants from 16 companies
  • Over 80% of the courses were in-house online trainings.
  • Unfortunately, face-to-face events had to be ceased almost completely due to Corona limitations.
  • The most popular seminar topics were: sustainable quality management and efficient quality standards with 30%; with 10% each hygiene management (HACCP), housekeeping, data protection, marketing, personnel management, cleaning and disinfection, and coronavirus protection strategies
  • The most popular workshop times were the 4th quarter (40%) and the 2nd quarter (30%)
  • The face-to-face events took place in Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia and Saxony.
  • The online participants came from Germany, Austria and Honduras.
  • Languages: 90% German and 10% Spanish
  • Publication of specialist books: Hygiene Management (German, English), Servir con Estilo (Spanish), Efficient Marketing for Hotels and Restaurants (German, English, Spanish), 5 Pasos de la Venta (Spanish) and Housekeeping (Spanish and Portuguese, we had already published German and English in 2016).
  • Download our company presentation here:
  • We would like to thank our clients, partners and workshop participants for the excellent, health conscious cooperation in this exceptional year for ALL of us. We look forward to a better year and stay healthy, Frank and Martha Höchsmann.