Quality Management Support



Quality support and preparation for the Internal and External Audit in the MMI Hotel (Volkswagen Academy) in Braunschweig Riddagshausen.

Quality Standards - Implementation at the Romantik Hotel


Introduction of the (service) quality standards into the Romantik Hotel Sanct Peter Walporzheim.

Photo: Hotel staff  during the quality standards workshops, from left to right: Anna Gaal, Melanie Wolinski, Vanessa Reinecke, Beate Brown, Frank Höchsmann, Patrick Adenäuer, Shaban Kismetli

Environmental management and quality management

Oswald GmbH & Co KG

Congratulations to the successfully completed

Quality and Environmental Management - Certification Audit

on 21.11.2011 in Heidelberg

Internal Audit ISO 9001 medical practice


Review of the quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 in the doctor´s practice Dr. Thomas & Grit Dam in Chemnitz

Photo: Reception area of ​​the doctor's office with Annett Landgraf and Katrin Wanke, on 18/11/2011