HACCP Weekend Course

Weekend course at the Hotel Astoria

"Hygiene and work processes in the kitchen and service in accordance with HACCP"

Satisfaction levels of participants: 100%

Quality manager according to DIN EN ISO 9001


Frank Höchsmann Qualitätsmanagement Workshop in Berlin Practical Workshop for skilled personnel and executives on  20-22.07.2011 in Berlin
quality manager according to  DIN-EN-ISO 9000 ff


Aims: the participants of the course receive detailed information on international quality management according to ISO 9001 and specific examples of how to apply it. The course ends with a final exam by CERTQUA (DIHK, BDA, ZVH, WK). After passing the exam the participants will receive a certificate for "quality manager / service management“ following DIN-EN-ISO 9000 ff.

Contents of the Course:
1.DIN-EN-ISO 9001 Introduction & Audit
2.Business process management
3.Quality indicators & Quality promotion
4.Total Quality Management / TQM & EFQM
5.Exam preparation & Exam

Satisfaction degree of the participants: 96%


Internal Audit


Internal audit at the Boarding House Heidelberg, on 15.07.2011.


Congratulations on the successful audit.


Foto: Entrance Boarding House Heidelberg



External Audit according to DIN EN ISO 9001

Hotqua Berlin, Frank Höchsmann, Audit The Hotel Dirsch is certified by TÜV:

The Hotel successfully passed the external audit.

Congratulations to the managers and the employees.

Foto: Johann Bauernfeind (quality commissioner), Mr. and Mrs. Dirsch (managers), Gerd Döhler (TÜV Auditor)

"Sechserbrückenfest" in Berlin Tegel

Foro von Frank Höchsmann, Schriftführer des Tourismusverbandes Berlin Reinickendorf Third "Sechserbrückenfest" in Berlin Tegel

More than 50 associations participated this year.

The tourism association Berlin Reinickendorf was also there.

Over 2000 tourism guides were handed to the visitors. The guides contain information about the main attractions in Reinickendorf.

The festival was also visited by some VIP's: the mayor of  Berlin Reinickendorf, Mr. Frank Balzer and the der mayor of the city of Berlin, Mr. Klaus Wowereit.

Foto: Klaus Wowereit on the stage of the "Sechserbrückenfest".