Presentation of the BiS Quality Standards

Coach Frank Höchsmann


Presentation of the quality documentation:

  • Quality standards for the management
  • Quality standards for service
  • Quality standards for events
  • Quality standards for beer brewing
  • Quality standards for the kitchen
  • Quality standards for hotels
  • Quality standards for house keeping

 Photo: Quality Standards - Workshop on 02/25/2011


Quality Manager Hotel & Tourism ISO 9000 ff, Workshop organised in Berlin, from 16-18.02.2011

Hotqua quality manager workshop in Berlin

Objectives of the QR - seminar

The participants will.....

  • know the importance of quality in service
  • know ho to develop approaches to quality in service
  • know the background of DIN EN ISO 9000 ff standards
  • know the standards relevant for service
  • know the basic contents of DIN EN ISO 9000 ff standards
  • are able to adapt DIN EN ISO 9001 to service standards 
  • know the procedure for implementing a QM-system
  • know the basics of project management
  • know how to document, conduct and optimise business processes
  • know the importance of statistics


Photo fltr: Felicidad Romero (Melia Berlin), Saban Kismetli (Romantikhotel Sanct Peter Walporzheim), Dana Hitzschold (The Ritz Carlton Wofsburg), Nicola Nagel (Liquidrom Berlin)


Guest & customer loyalty in hotel and restaurant businesses, Berlin 15.02.2011

Guest & customer loyalty in hotel and restaurant businesses

  • Can we systematically involve our guests and our customers?
  • Should we distinguish between our guests and our customers?
  • From normal guests to regulars!
  • Let's see who participated in the training at the Berlin Plaza:



"HoGa-Knigge"/Code of conduct in Hotel and Catering companies

 Hotqua Berlin

Inhouse Training at the Berlin Plaza Hotel:

 Satisfaction degree of Workshop participants: 93%



Philipp Trampisch,  Jamie Lee Lewitz , 

Luisa Moderzinski, Meltem Aydin, Julien Behrendt,

Susann Lina Metz, Ricardo Pukall, Jessica Steputat