Quality - Auditor - Workshop



  • Training course on quality auditor in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9000,
  • from 08-09.12.2011 in Brunswick Riddagshusen in the premises of
  • Business Academy / Market Management Institute (VW Akademie)
  • Satisfaction levels of participants: 100%
  • Photo: Jörg Thiess (Chef MMI / WGG hotel) and
    Michael Komander (Managing Director MMI / WGG hotel)

Quality Management Workshop


Practical workshop for professional and managerial staff, in Berlin
Quality Manager / in accordance with DIN-EN-ISO 9000

The participants of the quality management course given detailed Information about the international quality management ISO 9001 and concrete examples of implementation in practice.

The satisfaction level of the participants was 92%.

Photo: Participants in the QM course in Hotel Plaza / Knese restaurant,  left to right: Wolfgang Schlünder (Deutsche Eisenkahngesellschaft), Andreas Hölzl, Kerstin Harms ( Hotel Alsterhof  Berlin), Frank Höchsmann (Hotqua) and Olaf Wittenberg (Deutsche Eisnekahngesellschaft)