Restaurant Check (GB)

HOTQUA Quality Restaurant Check (GB)

Here you can rate your (last) restaurant visit. There is no claim to completeness of the questions. Your information is voluntary. The use of the results is the sole responsibility of the user. Liability is excluded.
First contact

How would you rate the first contact you had with the restaurant? (Very good = 10 points)

Guest room

Entrance, smells, temperature, light conditions, decoration, colors, furnishings, room layout, atmosphere, style, etc.? (Yes, very good = 10 points)

Guest seating

Table, chair, distances, dimensions, ergonomics, style etc.? (Yes = 10 points)

Set up/Mise-en-place

Table preparation / table decoration, place settings, reserve items, etc.? (Yes = 10)

Food and beverage menue

Clean and attractive? Logical structure? Balance? Correct prices? Allergen information? (Everything OK = 10)


Greeting, placement, distribution of menus, advice, taking the order, serving, clearing away, anticipating, bill, follow up, etc.? (OK = 10 points)

Eaten food

Quality, balanced quantity, aspect / color combination, consistency, smell, taste, hot / cold plates etc? (Very good = 10 points)

Cosumed drinks

Quality, quantity, temperature, freshness, suitable glasses, advice? (Very good = 10)

Restaurant employees

How do you rate the restaurant staff? Are you or were you polite, open and accommodating? Are you or were you ready for service, competent and with an impeccable outfit? (yes = 10)

Price-performance ratio

How do you rate the price-performance ratio: adequate, justified, customary in the market? local custom? (yes = 10)

Please rate all questions!