Our team and publications

Martha Cecilia Höchsman

  • Is administrator and high-quality manager.
  • She gathered her professional experience in four- and five-star hotels, and worked as an external Quality Representative at the Chamber of Foreign Trade Mercosur.
  • She advised the high-quality management of Hotqua for more than two years
  • Emphasis: Online courses in Spanish language (Tutor).

Frank Christian Höchsmann

  • Graduate Tourism Manager, Quality Auditor and Manager with state examination in hotel and tourism business.
  • He has a long standing international experience as a Quality Representative, Quality Manager and Quality Auditor.
  • In the course of his professional life he trained more than 9.000 professionals of the hotel business and managed projects in Europe and South America.
  • Emphasis: High-quality management and international project management.

The two entrepreneurs are authors of numerous publications on quality and service management for hotels and tourism and have already published several books for the hotel business.

Dr. Ing. Elisabeth Strecker

  • Has been lecturer for environmental management- and integrated management at the University of Technology of Berlin since 1996.
  • Employed for international projects of Hotqua since 2002.
  • Emphasis: High-quality management courses in English and project management.

Ricardo Kaufmann P.

  • Is Bachelor of Commerce, quality assurance representative (ISO 9001) and Hotqua representative and/or licensee of the Hotqua products for the Mercosur - countries in Montevideo (Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay).
  • Emphasis: further education measures and coaching in the high-quality management.

Members and co-operating members of the team are also

  • Experts on management,
  • The Hazard Analysis and Critical Controlling Points Concept (HACCP) for hygienics management,
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management (OHS) and
  • Environmental Management (EM).