Hotqua´s general business conditions

General business conditions

Cancelling of activities
Due to insufficient participation or other just causes, HOTQUA can cancel or postpone any activity. Charges already paid will be returned completely. A claim for damages is excluded.

Change of a docent / trainer
A change of a docent advertised in the programme may take place because of just causes. This is no reason for withdrawal from the contract or for discounts of the charge for the activity.

Data protection
The participant agrees on transferring his / her personal data from the registration form to the attendance list and on recording the data. These data will be used for further offers, too.

Legal incompliance of conditions
Our general terms and conditions remain valid even if particular conditions should not be legally compliant.

Hotqua is not liable for accidents, damage to property and damage to persons and for loss and theft of items brought along.

Other terms and conditions
Other conditions have to be fixed in written form and to be signed by both parties to become relevant.

Participation certificate
Every participant of our activities will get a Hotqua certificate or a external certificate.

Place of fulfillment
Place of fulfillment is the particular place of the activity. Legal venue is Berlin.

Registrations have to be submitted in written form 10 days before the activity. They will be accepted according to order of arrival. Registration is obliging. By registration the participant accepts our general terms.

Our general terms and conditions are valid for all our activities. These are workshops, seminars, training courses, short training, coaching, in-house training, online training and online training courses as well as activities not mentioned.

Terms of payment
The charge for the activity shall be paid in full after receiving the confirmation of participation or invoice. In case of examination charges, there will be a special invoice.

Training documents
Training documents, coaching and training materials or parts of them may not be reproduced without our permission.

Registered participants can withdraw from the concluded contract without giving reasons. Withdrawal has to be submitted in written form in due time. The right to withdraw ends 10 days before the activity. Withdrawal in due time is charged with 10 € for administration. If the participant has already paid the charge for the activity, he/she will be returned this charge, excluding the administration charge of 10 €. In case of short term withdrawal, the charge for the activity has to be paid up fully. Short term withdrawal because of illness, confirmed by medical attest, is only charged with the administrative charge of 10 €.